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SEIU-UHW Asks Ninth Circuit to Uphold COVID Hazard Pay for Culver City Hospital Workers

As described in a Law360 article, “A Culver City, California, hazard pay ordinance for hospital workers was not an improper giveaway to organized labor and does not conflict with federal labor law, the city and a health care workers union have argued while urging the Ninth Circuit not to block the law.” Catha Worthman and Genevieve Casey represent SEIU-UHW, who have intervened in the case to defend the legal validity of the hazard pay ordinance and are asking the Ninth Circuit to affirm the trial court’s order denying the hospital’s motion for a preliminary injunction in this appeal, Southern California Healthcare System, Inc. v. City of Culver City, Case No. 21-55788. To view the full article, click here.