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Civil Rights Complaint Filed Challenging Medi-Cal’s Violations of Latinos’ Rights to Access to Healthcare

On behalf of multiple individual Medi-Cal beneficiaries, SEIU-UHW, St. John’s Well Child & Family Clinic and NDLON, Feinberg, Jackson, Worthman & Wasow attorneys are proud to have joined MALDEF, Bill Lann Lee of CREEC, Ana de Alba of Lang Richert & Patch, & Noah Phillips in filing a complaint Wednesday in California Superior Court for the County of Alameda alleging that Medi-Cal violates the civil rights of Latino enrollees by effectively denying them access to Medi-Cal’s full benefits. The complaint documents how Medi-Cal’s low reimbursement rates for doctors, various administrative burdens for doctors and patients in the program, and the State’s failure to adequately monitor access to Medi-Cal result in violations of the civil rights of Latinos who rely on Medi-Cal for healthcare.

The attorneys seek to represent a class of 13.5 million Medi-Cal participants who have suffered as a result of the State’s disinvestment from the program.

The groups have set up a hotline in Spanish and English for Medi-Cal patients who have experienced the same difficulty finding healthcare: (855) 228-1463. A copy of the complaint is available here. For additional information, please contact Catha Worthman or Darin Ranahan.